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Worker exposure to X-ray generator

Print View Posted on: 02 February 2024

Event Date: 29 May 2021 Event Type: Irradiation/Accelerator Facility Event Location: Japan, Setouchi Works of Nippon Steel Corp., Hyogo Pref. INES Rating: 3 (Final)

On May 29, 2021, two workers were inspecting and calibrating the fluorescent X-ray adhesion meter (output 50kV x 40mA) at the Nippon Steel Setouchi Works in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture.
There are three main operations for irradiating X-rays with this device.
・ Power supply to this device
・ Increase the voltage and current of the X-ray tube
・ Open the shutter of the irradiation window.
These operations are usually performed on the control panel outside the irradiation room where the device is installed.
Initially, the two workers were working on the control panel outside the irradiation room, but when the calibration sample showed abnormal measures, they entered in the irradiation room with the device on power. There is no legal requirement for this facility to have interlocks, which cut off the power supply when the irradiation room door opens.
As the two workers in the irradiation room confirmed some deposits on the X-ray irradiation window of the device, one of

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