Resilience Engineering Institute

Our Vision

Resilience Engineering Institute (REI) envisions the democratization of resilience knowledge so that everyone from experts in academia and industry to the general public understand resilience and how to apply it to their personal and professional lives to improve and sustain health, safety, and well-being.

Our Mission

REI’s mission:

  • Define and refine the core concepts and principles of resilience applied to the design, operation, and management of complex socio-technical systems like critical infrastructure;
  • Establish a coherent understanding of resilience that effectively integrates diverse perspectives within a common framework and vocabulary that applies across academic disciplines and industry applications;
  • Make resilience knowledge available and accessible to anyone and everyone.

Our Goals

REI’s mission will be accomplished by:

  • Supporting existing resilience scholars and research programs;
  • Identifying and promoting new resilience engineering education initiatives;
  • Creating partnerships and alliances with individuals, organizations, and institutions in support of the the vision and mission.

Website Purpose

The purpose of the website is to provide a central location to access resilience engineering related tools, resources, and information to support and promote both graduate and undergraduate resilience engineering education and research. The beta phase of the website will also serve as a portal for linking scholars to a wide range of resilience related news from Federal agencies, organizations, and institutions and includes live RSS feeds for emergency preparedness and disaster response on a global scale.