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Worker Exceeded Annual Extremity Dose Limit

Print View Posted on: 17 April 2024

Event Date: 22 February 2024 Event Type: Radiation Source Event Location: United States of America, Alton, IL / Alton Steel INES Rating: 2 (Final)

An employee received a dose of 0.95 Sv (95 rem) to the extremities (hands) due to improper handling and response to an incident involving a damaged 85.1 MBq (2.3 mCi) Co-60 source. This dose was estimated by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and confirmed by the licensee. The source was initially damaged when molten steel flowed over the source housing, severing the source into at least two pieces. The smaller portion, estimated to contain approximately 2.0 MBq (53 uCi), was inadvertently withdrawn from its shielded housing, fused with solidified steel and later partially recovered by the employee. The remainder of the Co-60 source was found to have been covered in solidified steel that prevented its return to the shield. The employee used a 4-inch angle grinder in an effort to remove the solidified steel so it would fit back into the shield. Inspection findings indicate the employee used gloved hands to effect recovery

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