There is a new Urban Resilience Education program offering a Master degree in City Resilience Design and Management. The program is a joint effort between the Urban Resilience Research Network (URNet) and the School of Architecture at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Classes begin 1 October 2018. The following is a brief summary of the program. You can visit the program website to learn more.

Framing and implementing sustainability and resilience in the broad realm of urban studies is a challenge which few universities are poised to accomplish through their existing educational programs. Sustainability and resilience studies both require a variety of multidisciplinary perspectives that university departments nested in disciplinary silos cannot support. Consequentially, the skills and management tools required by city practitioners and city resilience officers are not easy to find in our universities programs. To meet this need, the Urban Resilience research Network (URNet), developed a 1-year master’s program hosted by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, entitled City Resilience Design and Management. The program aims to bridge the educational gap between universities and municipalities.

The new master’s degree is an innovative, international and multidisciplinary education program that teaches students how to operationalize the most urgent calls for building more resilient and sustainable cities through urban planning and design, and how to frame adequate policies and governance models. This one-year program provides the most up-to-date perspectives, methods and tools for dealing with the threat of climate change, natural disasters and the social and technical transformations required to minimize the environmental impact of the current global urbanization trends, while addressing social justice. The program will teach this much needed management perspective by offering workshop-based coursework, mentorship for research theses, and internship opportunities for practical, applied education experiences.

Visit the program website to learn more.