This years Resilience Week conference will be held in Denver, Colorado from August 20-23.

Resilience week is a co-sponsored symposium dedicated to promising research in resilient systems that will protect critical cyber-physical infrastructures from unexpected and malicious threats – securing our way of life. This year marks the third annual Student Competition. Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to present original research on one of the related themes.

Link to conference website.

Conference topics and presentation outline

Elements of resilience, accepting papers

  • Control systems: Multidisciplinary control approaches that provide intrinsic state awareness and intelligence are required to ensure resilient system performance.
  • Cyber systems: In this symposium we will focus on the topic of resilience of cyberphysical systems. Among others, the concepts of cyber awareness, anticipation, avoidance, protection, detection, and response to cyber-attacks will be promoted and will help set the tone of the event.
  • Cognitive systems: This symposium will emphasize technology designs, operating concepts and procedures, and cognitive science research that improves overall human-system performance and increases the resilience and robustness of complex sociotechnical systems.
  • Communication systems: The symposium will highlight how incorporation of resiliency in communications systems can support a wide range of applications given uncertainty in the communication environment.

Complex Environments, papers and whitepapers/lightning talks

  • Infrastructure: This section aims to bridge the gaps among local, city and state entities, infrastructure owner-operators, federal agencies, and researchers to advance a productive discussion of tools, technologies, and policies for improving critical infrastructure resilience.
  • Communities: This symposium will explore the role of social networks and cohesion in organizational and community resilience.

Call for Papers (Full, Work in Progress & Industry Practice)
Submission Due: April 20, EXTENDED TO MAY 4

Call for Whitepapers/Lightning Talks
Submission Due: June 4

Conference website

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