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See Section V (Full Proposal Preparation Instructions) of this solicitation for additional information about the allowable maximum annual budget for years one through ten of each award.

Each NSF Engine can receive funding for up to 10 years. The initial two years of funding will support a ramp-up period. Continued support for an NSF Engine will be contingent upon its overall performance, including meeting its annual performance goals.

During the ramp-up period, an NSF Engine can be funded for a total of $15,000,000 over two years. The total amount of an NSF Engine award will not exceed $160,000,000 from NSF (over a period not exceeding ten years).

Beyond Year 1, NSF will annually conduct a comprehensive assessment of the NSF Engine’s performance, which will inform subsequent-year funding. A determination that the NSF Engine has failed to perform during an NSF annual review may result in

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