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Missing dangerous source during transport had been found

Print View Posted on: 28 May 2024

Event Date: 11 January 2024 Event Type: Transportation Event Location: Indonesia, Jambangan, Surabaya, East Java INES Rating: 1 (Final)

On 11 January 2024 around 18.00 hours local time, BAPETEN received notification of missing dangerous source during transportation of a gamma camera containing of Ir-192 (the activity of the source when the incident occurred was 1917,8 GBq/51,8 Ci) in Sub District Jambangan, Surabaya, East Java. This equipment belongs to a company in Makassar, South Sulawesi and its type/serial number is LIR-05/008/AG624-8347G. The national protocol immediately activated and a search operation immediately carried out by the CBRNE Detachment at East Java Province Police.
On 13 January 2024 around 07.00 hours local time, the gamma camera had been found and recovered by the CBRNE Detachment at East Java Province Police in the Sub District Pakal, Surabaya, East Java. The equipment remains intact and there was no measurable increase of radiation detected around the equipment surrounding. The incident involving criminal activities. Upon criminal investigation, the equipment had been submitted to the owner company in Makassar


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