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NEW YORK (April 5, 2024) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a plan to protect people living and working in residential and commercial buildings at the Meeker Avenue Plume Superfund Site in the Greenpoint/East Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. Groundwater and soil in the area is contaminated with chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs), which can vaporize into soil and seep into buildings through their foundations.

“The most immediate threat to people is that the contamination can seep into buildings where people can breathe it in, so EPA is testing under foundation slabs to determine if there is a problem,” said Regional Administrator Lisa F. Garcia. “I encourage people to comment on this proposed plan, which will help EPA take action to reduce and address the potential risk to people in the area.”  

The Meeker Avenue Plume Superfund Site covers over 190

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