December 10-11-12 in Barcelona

Urban Resilience Research Network (URNet) celebrates six years of leveraging its global network of scholars and partners to promote and co-organize the 11th International forum on Urbanism Conference. The conference will convene academics from different disciplines and policy leaders to discuss the most relevant research challenges related to urban resilience conceptualization and implementation. The conference will help to bridge science and policy while supporting a consistent operationalization of the New Urban Agenda and the 11th Sustainable Development Goal: “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.”

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Conference Topics

Post-disaster and post-conflict resilience

There is a need to face the challenge of coordinating key actors for successful DRR and the sustainable reconstruction of shelter and settlements. Likewise, accessible and comprehensive tools are needed to analyse the assets of community processes through the lens of safe shelter and settlement for the reconstruction sector.

Climate resilience governance and planning

This conference topic addresses the tensions and synergies between adaptation and mitigation, and the critical assessments about the effectiveness and mechanisms to enhance “climate resilience mainstreaming”.

Urban design and management: Infrastructures and services

This conference topic calls for contribution addressing this gap, challenging mainstreaming practices of urban design and management linking the built environment and the infrastructures and urban services.

Community resilience

Tensions are evident between global agendas, economic targets and city branding on one hand and local needs and knowledge, sense of place and cultural identities and perspectives on the other. This conference topic will examine these tensions and highlight the need for a critical re-framing of urban resilience strategies in line with understandings on the nature and roles of communities from fields such as social-ecological resilience and sustainability transitions.

Online submission of abstracts will be available from April 2018

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