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What is V-safe?

V-safe is a safety monitoring system that lets you share with CDC how you, or your dependent, feel after getting an RSV vaccine.

After you register, V-safe will send you personalized and confidential health check-ins via text messages or emails to ask how you feel after vaccination. Completing health check-ins and sharing how you feel, even if you don’t experience side effects after vaccination, helps CDC’s vaccine safety monitoring efforts and lets others know what to expect in the days and weeks following RSV vaccination.

V-safe originally launched in December 2020 to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Since its launch, 10.1 million V-safe participants completed more than 151 million health surveys about their experiences following COVID-19 vaccination, and V-safe data have been included in more than 20 scientific publications.

V-safe is one of several complementary safety systems CDC uses to closely monitor the safety of vaccines in the United States. It lets vaccine recipients self-report how they feel after receiving a vaccine.

What you need to know You can register for V-safe using your computer, tablet, or smartphone after getting an RSV vaccine. Using V-safe after RSV vaccination requires a new registration, even if you previously enrolled and participated in V-safe for the COVID-19 or mpox vaccines. You can add a dependent (family member, friend, or individual who relies on you for support) ages 60 years

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