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The University of Tennessee has an opening for a Research Assistant/Associate Professor in the area of density functional theory modeling of defects in high temperature superconducting magnet materials, such as rare earth barium copper oxide. The successful candidate will be working with a new University of Tennessee-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute (UT-ORII) project developing materials for extreme applications with a focus on fusion environments.

This work will be focused on utilizing first principles based electronic structure modeling to determine the thermodynamic and kinetic behavior of defects in these magnet materials from an atomistic scale, which is a necessary ingredient for fundamental understanding of high temperature superconducting magnets under neutron irradiation in the fusion environment. The modeling of these materials will be part of a larger set of experiment-theory feedback loops evaluating magnetic properties and the neutron irradiation dose limits associated with significant magnetic performance degradation. The work will also be closely coupled with experimental activities.

The research faculty will

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