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The University of Tennessee has an opening for a Research Assistant/Associate Professor in the area of Materials Testing for Coupled Extreme Fusion Environments. The successful candidate will be working with a new University of Tennessee-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute (UT-ORII) project developing materials for extreme applications with a focus on fusion environments.

This work will be focused on developing new capabilities for testing materials response to coupled extreme environment where high temperature, irradiation, plasma erosion, magnetic field, or combinations thereof are present. The research focus shall encompass the testing of materials in highly controlled, coupled environments at the Tennessee Ion Beam Materials Laboratory (TIBML).

This position will be focused on accelerating testing of new materials systems of interest to fusion energy systems utilizing ion irradiation, gas implantation, laser heating, small scale mechanical testing, and pump-probe laser-based analysis. The testing of these materials will be part of a larger set of experiment-theory

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