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National Science Foundation

Directorate for STEM Education
     Division of Equity for Excellence in STEM

Full Proposal Deadline(s) (due by 5 p.m. submitting organization’s local time):

June 24, 2024

BD-Master’s and NETWORKS Proposals ONLY

November 15, 2024

Third Friday in November, Annually Thereafter

BD-Master’s and BD-Doctoral Proposals and All Alliance Proposals: ADG, B2B, SPIO and SPRA

Important Information And Revision Notes

The following project types are described fully in this solicitation under Section II and include:

Alliance Development Grants (ADG) – New Bridge-to-the-Baccalaureate Alliances (B2B) STEM Pathways Implementation-Only Alliances (SPIO) STEM Pathways Research Alliances (SPRA) Bridges to STEM Graduate Degrees in National Priorities: (BD Master’s) – New Bridges to STEM Graduate Degrees in National Priorities: (BD-Doctoral) STEM Networking Incentives and Engagement (NETWORKS) – New

Reference is made to LSAMP populations and individuals from groups underrepresented in STEM. These

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