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When natural disasters occur, it’s common to find people who want to take advantage of survivors by posing as official disaster aid workers or as relatives trying to help survivors complete their applications.

FEMA encourages survivors to be aware of fraud and scams. FEMA also encourages survivors to report any suspicious activity or potential fraud from scam artists, identity thieves and other criminals.

Survivors should also be aware that this kind of situation doesn’t happen only at the beginning of the response to the disaster when people might be more vulnerable. It can happen anytime. It’s important to know that FEMA does not endorse any specific commercial businesses, products or services.

Disaster survivors should be aware of the common tactics used by these criminals, such as phone calls from people claiming to work for FEMA. The caller might ask for the survivor’s Social Security number and income or banking information. Giving out this type of information can help an unscrupulous person make a false claim for assistance or commit identity theft.

FEMA encourages survivors and business owners to be vigilant for these common post-disaster fraud practices:

FEMA Housing inspectorsBe cautious if somebody asks for your nine-digit registration number. A FEMA inspector will never ask for this information. They already have it in their records.Don’t give inspectors your banking information. FEMA inspectors never require banking or other personal

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